Tuesday, June 1, 2010

7-14 Weeks

It's been a while since I've updated the blog so I will feel you in on what has been going on the last few weeks!! We went for our first ultrasound when I was 7 weeks and got to see our little peanut!! The heartbeat was 123 bmp and everything looked great!! At the end of that week the morning sickness hit me head on!! We went back to the doctor at 10 weeks where we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time!! I must say I think we both had tears in our eyes when we heard our little one for the first time!! The heartbeat was 173 bpm!! The old wives tale says it could be girl with a heart rate that high!! We shall see soon!!! My morning sickness was still going strong and I had not gained any weight... but I was just looking to get into the second trimester!!! Our next doctor's visit was at 14 weeks... we got to hear the heartbeat again which was 166 (still high!!) and the doctor said everything was looking great!! I had gained 3 lbs. which the doctor said was right on target. My morning sickness has eased off quite a bit so I'm praying it is going to make it's way out of here for good very soon!! My pants definantly will not button anymore but thanks to my belly band I can still wear most of them!! We go back on June 14th to find out if we will be having a little girl or boy... my gut is telling me girl but we will just have to see!! I told Tyler the other day that pregnancy is a lot like marriage you can't explain it until you have been in it!! I already feel a hugh connection to my little one and thank God every single day for giving me this wonderful gift!!

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